Hot chick in the country: Tips to keep your backyard chickens cool

chickens and watermelon

Let’s face it. It’s hot here in Maine right now, and in addition to feeling sorry for myself that we do not have air conditioning, I have been worried about my backyard chickens keeping cool. The heat is hard on chickens as well, and I’m convinced that my girls are trying to tell me “This […]

Are meat birds right for you and your homestead?

It’s finally spring here in Maine, and many homesteaders are purchasing their chickens for the season. Some homesteaders will be purchasing egg layers, but some homesteaders will be purchasing chickens for meat as well. If you’ve been considering meat birds for your homestead, I hope the following post will help you make a good decision […]

5 reasons not to buy a bunny or chick for Easter

baby chicks

This weekend, some of us may find ourselves tempted to buy baby chicks or bunnies for Easter presents for the children in our lives, but in general, this is a really bad idea. Unless you’re someone who is experienced in raising rabbits and chickens are are willing to take care of the animals, it’s best […]

Meet Maine’s most famous chicken lady

If you keep chickens in Maine, or really anywhere in the United States, chances are, you’ve heard of Fresh Eggs Daily and Lisa Steele. Lisa Steele publishes books, speaks at the national level, and even has her own television program. I first discovered Lisa’s chicken advice when I was searching the web several years ago […]

Is oatmeal a healthy treat for your chickens?

oatmeal with blueberries

Do you remember when all the nutritionists said that butter was bad for us and that the whipped margarine stuff was so much better? Well, I do. I ate that whipped crap for my entire childhood, only to learn as an adult that the nutritionists were wrong. “Oops,” they said. And this was neither the […]

10 things I wish I knew before I got my first chickens

image of baby chicks

It’s the season of baby chicks. Chicken people are planning their flocks for the coming year, and people who are considering chickens are seeing baby chicks showing up in the stores. I did my very best research before we became chicken owners. I had wanted chickens for years, so I had plenty of time to […]

How to save your seeds and money for next year’s garden

corn hanging to dry

Each spring, we spend quite a bit of money buying seeds, so my newly-found frugality has encouraged me to learn about seed saving. It’s a great way to save money, make your garden more of a money-saver, and it’s just so much fun to do.