It’s Maine. It’s summer. We have no camp.

When I first moved to Maine and heard people talking about “going to camp,” I wasn’t sure what to think. My idea of camping involved tents and sleeping on the ground, and I wasn’t a big fan. While I love Nature, I’m not a huge fan of sleeping out in it. Sleeping on the ground doesn’t do great things for my back.

Plus, since I was a little girl and had a recurring dream about a bear attack, I’ve been pretty sure that I need at least some wood walls between me and Nature. Some tent fabric just won’t cut it for me, so when people mentioned coming to “camp,” I was like, no thank you!

But then I listened closely and realized “camp” in Maine was something different. Then, I visited a friend’s camp, and I was in love with it. The little cabins, the water, the docks, the trees, the breeze. It was heaven to me.

Maine is definitely the way life should be—if you have a camp in the summer.

No matter how hard I try to be Zen about our Maine winters, they usually end up wearing me out more than words can say. And I now understand that camp is the necessary summer treatment for surviving winter. Having access to some lovely water where you can swim, fish, canoe, and get away from the stresses of life seems almost necessary to me.

image of sandals, towel, and bag

We have towels, sandals, and my Tiller & Rye bag (I love this bag) to hold all the goodies, and we will travel!

But there’s a problem: We have no camp.

We’ve looked around, but camps that are close enough for us to stay close to our little chicken farm aren’t cheap. So we just keep looking around. But I’ve become determined to get some lake time in Maine this summer, camp or no camp.

That’s not super easy either. There’s a lot of private property in our area, so it’s going to cost you. Still, since we don’t have a camp payment or taxes, I’m willing to pay.

But where does one go? One thing I’ve learned from living in Maine these nearly 10 years is that Mainers will also keep secrets, and I understand. I mean, if you tell everyone where the best places to go are, everyone goes there and, then, maybe these are not the best places to go anymore.

I’m determined, however, to find out where to go, and I’m hoping someone will read this post, have mercy on me, and tell me about an awesome public beach or a cheap but fantastic place to visit the water.

In the meantime, we found a place that seems pretty darn good. The swimming area is small, but it’s quiet and cheap. Plus, the water is just lovely and so needed this summer after a tough winter. But, with a busy little boy, it would be great to have more than one place to go.

So, if you’re like me and have no camp, how do spend your Maine summers? I’m hoping to get in on the secret. I love the way life should be in Maine. It’s the best. I just need more of it!

Crystal Sands

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I am a former academic and award winning writing teacher turned hobby farmer/homeschooling mom/freelancer. In 2015, after too many years of working too many hours, I decided to change my life. This blog shares my stories related to making the change and simplifying my life–a process that began when we finally got our first chickens. In this blog, I will share my experiences learning how to hobby farm on a small place in Maine, become more self-sufficient, live frugally, live peacefully, and have more time for love. I hope you will join me on this journey by following my blog and following me on Twitter @CrystalDSands.